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Service User Charter

Village Community Services Inc. is a not-for-profit, community-based, incorporated association.

This association’s volunteer management committee is nominated by the association’s members; these members vote for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and other committee members at the Annual General Meeting.

Organisation Philosophy and Models of Service Delivery:

Our philosophy is that the service user guides the service delivery and community development processes. The service user has the right and responsibility to be active in all aspects of our programs.

We do not provide services for clients, rather we work with our community to assist them in achieving the best possible outcomes based on their needs and strengths. Ultimately, it is the service user who is in control of their participation in our programs. Building on the service users’ capacity is our ultimate goal, with service user self- reliance our measure of success.

While answers to issues should come from the service user themselves when the service user is in crisis, has health, violence, or other issues that are not socially acceptable or are unlawful, we will encourage them to seek the best available service and/or report to the authorities any breach of the law. Where necessary we may report breaches.

We have the utmost interest in the concerns and issues of our community, and strategies to address these concerns and issues.

We provide the tools and opportunities for issues to be reviewed and considered

Objectives of Village Community Services Inc.:

  • To be an association established for community service purposes.
  • To support and promote collaborative relationships amongst members.
  • To provide support in response to the identified needs of young people and their families in Studio Village and its surrounding areas.
  • To engage, inform, support, and empower individuals and groups—regardless of age, gender, culture, religious affiliation, or other circumstances or background—to participate and grow into valued community members; and
  • To do all acts consistent with these objectives.

Village Community Services Inc. encourages:

  • The rights and responsibilities of people using its services and programs by having a statement of service user rights and responsibilities.   
  • Respecting service users’ privacy via confidentiality in service provision, by having Privacy and Confidentiality Policies and procedures; our Privacy Policy ensures that we keep all personal information confidential.
  • Feedback, compliments, and/or complaints through appropriate policies and procedures;
  • Service user and community participation, choice and self-reliance approach to service delivery, and community development processes.

Statement of Service User Rights & Responsibilities Service users have the right to:

  • Involvement in deciding and choosing the type of service most appropriate to meet their needs;
  • Provision of available and relevant information to make an informed choice about services offered;
  • Access to services that take into consideration their lifestyle, cultural, linguistic, and religious preferences.
  • Participation in any social activities offered by the organization.
  • Be treated professionally, including with dignity and respect.
  • Have their privacy respected.
  • Have access to any information recorded about them;
  • Be able to lodge a complaint about the service they are receiving without fear of retribution.
  • Expect any complaints to be dealt with fairly and promptly, without fear of losing the service they currently receive or being disadvantaged in any other way.
  • Choose a person to speak or negotiate on their behalf for any purpose. This may be a family member, friend, and/or another community service agency;
  • Information about when rights may be over-ridden by statutory requirements.
  • The above rights are irrespective of whether any fee is charged for the services provided

​Service user responsibilities include: 

  • Demonstrating respect to the staff regardless of their culture or background.
  • Participation in the decisions and actions that affect their lives.
  • Behaving in a manner which does not pose any real or perceived physical and/or threat to our staff or other service users.
  • Taking responsibility for agreed actions.    Providing relevant information to assist in achieving service user desired outcomes.
  • Assuming responsibility for the outcome of the decisions they make.
  • Responding to any issues or concerns via feedback, compliments, and/or complaints procedures.

Protecting Your Privacy: Our Commitment to Confidentiality

To protect your privacy:

  • Only information that is necessary to ensure the delivery of effective services is collected.
  • nformation given in confidence will not be disclosed
  • to any other person or organisation without your permission unless there appears to be a risk of harm to yourself or anyone around you.
  • Permission to share information will be sought only when sharing is necessary to ensure appropriate services are delivered.
  • Assessments and reviews can be conducted in private with the appropriate staff member.
  • You may choose to have an advocate or support person with you at the time.
  • Service user files are kept in a secure place.  Stored files are kept for the appropriate years(7)as required by law.
  • Staff receive ongoing training.
  • Privacy Policy and related procedures are reviewed annually, and
  • Signed confidentiality agreements are provided to service users where appropriate.

Feedback, Compliments and/or Complaints

Your views about our services are valued. We take feedback, compliments and/or complaints seriously.

We always appreciate your comments on how to improve our services, what we do well and what we can improve. Our Grievance Policy and Procedure is available and a copy is on public display in our building.

Please put in writing your views and we will respond to them promptly. Attention: The Secretary, Village Community Services Inc. PO Box 90 Helensvale QLD 4212.

Participation, Choice, and Self-Reliance

Village Community Services inc. values service users’ right to participation, choice and self-reliance.

Service users are provided information about service and delivery choices and are encouraged towards self-reliance in all our programs.

Ask the family support and/or community development team about participation opportunities such as:

  • Local community members and service users are encouraged to become association members and participate in the decision-making of this organization.
  • Regardless of association membership all service users and community members are encouraged to participate in the development, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of program services.
  • There are many opportunities for service users to provide input into the way program services are delivered through evaluation and feedback.
  • You are encouraged to represent your issues to key decision-makers and to participate in surveys, forums, and reviews.

Programs funded by the Department of Communities are:


Community Development Program

The Community Development Officer works with individuals and groups on issues of importance to them and focuses on solutions. This program provides information, referrals, activities, and supports the development of relevant services.

Email: cdo@studiovillage.com.au


Family Support Program

The Family Support Officer provides information, support, education, courses, and group activities focused on child-rearing and parenting for families.

Email: family@studiovillage.com.au