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Studio Village residents began lobbying for a Community Centre where they could meet for social activities in 1992.  A group of community members began to rally together and raise funds to develop a community support group as well as organize various activities. They formed the Studio Village Action Group and had monthly meetings to progress their goal. They gained Council support and planning for a community Centre began. These efforts led to the building of Studio Village Community Centre by the end of 1996. During 1996 they had become incorporated as the Studio Village Support Group Inc.  Then in 1997 the organization became incorporated as Studio Village Community Centre Inc.  A large number of the founding members still contribute to the Centre as well as lobbying on behalf of the community for general improvements to the area. Such improvements include the introduction of the Westfield Shopping Centre at Helensvale and Helensvale Community Health Centre.

We offer a wide variety of recreational activities, counselling services and support groups, run educational programs, and encourage community feedback and suggestions. We currently have over one hundred community members.  Members of the Studio Village Community Centre enjoy discounted activities and even some free activities. In 2007 the name has changed to Village Community Services Inc. to reflect the type of services offered. Since the changing of the name in 2007 the centre has grown and changed in so many different ways. We have over 30 activities run at the centre each week alongside with outings away from the centre using our own community bus which we got funding for in 2008 due to the lack of transport in our local area, having this bus has been a huge advantage in our community helping those who are isolated and have no other means of transport.