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Why become a Volunteer?

Considering that there are only 3 part-funded positions in this organisation, volunteers provide the bulk of services to our community.

What do volunteers do?

In this organisation volunteers have undertaken a range of duties such as:

  • Management committee members
  • Office work, reception and administration
  • Direct delivery of services
  • Maintenance of these facilities and other resources
  • Drive the community bus for regular or one off activities
  • Be a support person on the community bus
  • Facilitate activities for the community
  • Teach courses, classes and activities (tai chi, art, craft, yoga, dance, CPR, financial management, counseling etc)
  • Organise events (such as seniors week, youth week, carols by candlelight, music in park)
  • Perform or participate in community events
  • Prepare refreshments, morning tea, lunches, and other food focus activities
  • Fundraising activities
  • Issue identification, needs assessment
  • Consultation, forum, workshops and seminars
  • Direct delivery of services
  • Cleaning

Volunteers come from our local community. They may offer their services in person by registering their interest at reception, or be referred from various agencies. We work in partnership with Volunteering Gold Coast to achieve best practice, and abide to a code of conduct.

Volunteers have an opportunity to learn new skills, share some skills, knowledge and information with others, meet new people, support local community, families and individuals. Work with and meet workers from other agencies, learn about their local community, participate in on the job training and external training.

Management Committee 2022/23

President: Carol Larmor                                
Vice President: Sandra Dawson                      
Treasurer: Anthony Cooper                        
Secretary: Rachael Herring                          
General Member: Merilyn Jordan