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Support Services

The Village Family Support Program provides support services so that families and communities are valued and supported to nurture children to achieve their full potential.


The Village Family Support Program provides a range of centre-based support services to families, children, and young people. The service has a prevention/early intervention focus and is available to all families in the community.

The Village Family Support program aims to equip parents and carers with information, skills and strategies that will increase their ability to nurture and care for their children. The services will be delivered to clients through group activities (e.g. parenting courses, information sessions) and on an individual basis (e.g. information about available services, case management). Where issues are identified that fall outside the scope of the family support program (e.g. mental health, drug and alcohol, domestic and family violence) the service provides information and referral to specialist agencies where possible.


Information and Referral

General service availability information, advice and referral

  • Provides information to clients, community organisations and the general public about the services offered by Village Family Support Program and other available community services and resources
  • Accept requests for information by phone, fax, email, by appointment, written requests or visits to the service during office hours
  • Refer clients to other agencies where issues raised are outside the scope of the service (this can included assisted referrals where appropriate)

Personal Support

Needs assessment and management of case/support plans.

The service includes:

  • Assessment of client needs, strengths and goals in relation to parenting issues
  • Development of a plan outlining the activities that will be undertaken to address the clients needs
  • How progress towards goals will be measured
  • Regular review of the plan after an agreed period of time

Mutual Support and Self-help

Groups and activities for families will:

  • Increase understanding of child development and behaviour
  • Enhance skill in relation to parenting
  • Develop knowledge of parenting strategies to respond to various behavioural issues.
  • Referral and Access

Referral can be made through any organisation, or simply call and self-refer requesting an appointment with the Family Support Worker.

For more information, call: (07) 5529 8253

Studio Village Community Centre 87 Village Way, Studio Village, Oxenford (Exit 62)

Email: [email protected]

Priority will be given to those who are identified as vulnerable (eg isolated families, families who have a child with a disability, families who have a child with communication and/or other behavioural difficulties) or families who are experiencing other issues that impact upon their ability to parent to the best of their ability.

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