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Oz Harvest is a free food distribution for the local community and surrounding areas.

As of Tuesday 30th April 2019 we will be putting a $1.00(for members) and a $2.00 (for non members) administration fee on the Oz Harvest food exchange program. The cost is to cover the power usage, cleaning and staffing of the service.

This fee can be offset by donating recyclable materials e.g. plastic bottles and cans (no milk containers please)

We are asking people not to turn up before 1.pm and we will do our best to have the food available to the public by 1.30pm. We will do a second session at 2.30pm

Please note we have no control over the time the delivery van arrives, there for 1.30pm is an estimated time it could be later.

Please be mindful of what you take, only take what you need, there are a lot of families in need of this free service.