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Hi everyone, I am Edward who is a social work student that has been studying in Studio Village Community Centre around 18 weeks. I need to say goodbye because I have completed my placement today.
I am glad that I have an amazing supervisor, Melissa. She taught me a lot of things and tried her best to improve my practicing skills with enthusiastic and patient attitude. My learning experiences with Melissa is even better than any knowledge from textbooks.
Secondly, the CDO and other staff also provided a lot of supports to me when I was struggling with certain things. They always felt happy and welcoming to me about asking them questions.
Lastly, I am appreciated that clients at community centre have been understanding about my English and do not hold any judgments about my English accent and actively shared their stories with me.
Overall, I want to thank all staffs and clients at community centre because you guys have always been kind, and patient to me and did not have any issues about my English accent. I had an amazing placement experience and hope to visit again.